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LTPP Directives List

This page contains links by program area to PDF copies of all LTPP Directives.

Please see the latest version (07-24-2018) of the LTPP directives spreadsheet for the status of each directive as of that date.

AWS (Automated Weather Stations) Directives
Distress Directives
FWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer) Directives
GO (General Operations) Directives
IMS (Information Management System) Directives
Materials Directives
Profile Directives
SMP (Seasonal Monitoring Program) Directives
SPS (Specific Pavement Studies) Directives
Traffic Directives


  • All items are in PDF format. Where possible, they have been converted from the original electronic file. In some cases the original file was not available, and the paper copy was scanned instead. Pagination and other formatting details may be different than the official paper copies. These files are provided for informational purposes only.
  • Directives have color-coded status
    • Black and Bold - Active
    • Blue and Italic - Draft
    • Red and Plain - Inactive

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