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Information Management System (IMS) Directives
Directive Description Date Status Remarks
I-01 Schedule of Data Transfer for the Fifth IMS Data Release 15-Dec-92 Final Work completed
I-02 IMS Version 5.0 25-Jan-93 Final Work completed
I-03 Procedures for Requesting Changes to Experiments in IMS 26-Jan-93 Final Superseded by I-54
I-04 Schedule of Changes to the IMS Tables 3-Feb-93 Final Work completed
I-05 LTPP IMS Update to Version 5.1 9-Mar-93 Final Supersedes I-02
I-06 LTPP Database Terminology and Acronyms 19-Apr-93 Final No longer valid
I-07 LTPP IMS Version 5.2 13-May-93 Final Supersedes I-05
I-08 Procedures for Updating Laboratory Identification Codes 8-Jun-93 Final  
I-09 LTPP IMS Version 6.0 23-Aug-93 Final Supersedes I-07
I-10 LTPP IMS Version 6.1 14-Sep-93 Final Supersedes I-09
I-11 LTPP IMS Version 6.2 28-Oct-93 Final Supersedes I-10
I-12 Material Code Designation for Base/Subbase Layers 15-Dec-93 Final Superseded by M-28
I-13 Schedule of the Data Transfer to TRB 1-Feb-94 Final Work completed
I-14 LTPP IMS Version 6.3 2-Feb-94 Final Supersedes I-11
I-15 Revised Schedule of Data Transfer to TRB 23-Feb-94 Final Supersedes I-13
I-16 LTPP IMS Version 6.4 28-Feb-94 Final Supersedes I-14
I-17 LTPP IMS Version 6.5 29-Mar-94 Final Supersedes I-16
I-18 LTPP IMS Version 6.6 29-Apr-94 Final Supersedes I-17
I-19 Revised Schedule of Data Transfer to TRB 20-May-94 Final Supersedes I15
I-20 LTPP IMS Version 6.7 1-Jun-94 Final Supersedes I-18
I-21 LTPP IMS Version 6.8 6-Jul-94 Final Supersedes I-20
I-22 LTPP IMS Version 6.9 9-Aug-94 Final Supersedes I-21
I-23 LTPP IMS Version 6.10 7-Sep-94 Final Supersedes I-22
I-24 LTPP IMS Version 7.0 7-Nov-94 Final Supersedes I-23
I-25 LTPP Division Data Availability 7-Nov-94 Final Superseded
I-25A LTPP Data Availability 26-Apr-95 Final IMS-25 Amendment #1
I-26 Archiving and Deletion of Arizona State University (ASU) Asphalt Concrete Resilient Modulus Data (LTPP Protocol P07) 1-Dec-94 Final Work completed
I-27 LTPP IMS Version 7.2 29-Dec-94 Final Supersedes I-24
I-28 LTPP IMS Version 7.3 10-Mar-95 Final Supersedes I-27
I-29 LTPP IMS Version 7.4 17-Apr-95 Final Supersedes I-28
I-30 Directions and Schedule for the Release of GPS Asphalt Concrete Resilient Modulus (LTPP Protocol P07) Testing Data 31-May-95 Final Work completed
I-31 LTPP IMS Version 7.5 16-Jun-95 Final Supersedes I-29
I-32 SPS Data Processing 4-Aug-95 Final  
I-33 LTPP IMS Version 7.6 11-Aug-95 Final Supersedes I-31
I-34 LTPP IMS Version 7.7 21-Sep-95 Final Supersedes I-33
I-35 Instructions for Completing IMS Form S06 for SPS-3 and SPS-4 Materials Samples 26-Oct-95 Final Work completed
I-36 Data Processing Schedule 20-Dec-95 Final Work completed
I-37 Processing of Global Positioning Measurements 20-Dec-95 Final Work completed
I-38 LTPP IMS Version 7.9 29-Dec-95 Final Supersedes I-34
I-39 Instructions for SPS Upload 2-Feb-96 Final Work completed
I-40 LTPP IMS Version 8.0 17-Apr-96 Final Supersedes I-38
I-41 LTPP IMS Version 8.1 23-May-96 Final Supersedes I-40
I-42 IMS Upload Instructions 23-May-96 Final Work completed
I-42A Revised Data Upload Procedures 6-Jun-96 Final Revised instructions for data uploads
I-43 LTPP IMS Version 8.2 16-Sep-96 Final Supersedes I-41
I-44 3rd Quarter 1997 IMS and CTDB Uploads 7-Jul-97 Final Work completed
I-45 Automated Entry of Materials Testing Data from FHWA/LTPP Laboratory Testing Contractors 29-Jul-97 Final Work completed
I-46 Identification of "First" Section for SPS Linked Site Traffic Processing 17-Jul-97 Final No longer required
I-47 Development of Linked Section Traffic Estimates for SPS Sections 21-Aug-97 Final No longer required
I-48 Automated Entry of LTPP P46 (Resilient Modulus of Unbound Base, Subbase and Subgrade) Materials Testing Data from the FHWA LTPP Laboratory Testing Contractors 21-Aug-97 Final Work completed
I-49 Loading of PROQUAL Version 2.07 Longitudinal Profile Data into the IMS 3-Mar-98 Final Work completed
I-50 Deletion of Transverse Profile (Rut) Data from IMS 20-Mar-98 Final Work completed
I-51 Disposition of Obsolete IMS Applications 19-April-99 Final  
I-52 Deletion and Re-Filtering of Automated Weather Station Data 19-May-99 Final Work completed
I-53 EXPERIMENT SECTION Definitions 9-Jun-98 Final  
I-54 EXPERIMENT SECTION Change Requests 4-Aug-98 Final Supersedes I-3
I-55 Upgrade of IMS Database to Version 1.9 9-Jun-98 Final Work completed
I-56 LTPP IMS Standards and Conventions 4-Aug-98 Final  
I-57 Upgrade of IMS Database to Version 1.10 14-Aug-98 Final Supersedes I-55
I-58 Disposition of Obsolete or Rejected LTPP IMS Data and Archiving 13-May-99 Final  
I-59 Replacement Upload of SMP Rainfall Data 1-Oct-98 Final Work completed
I-60 Revision to LTPP IMS Standards and Conventions 28-Aug-98 Final  
I-61 Upgrade of IMS Database to Version 2.0 28-Sep-98 Final Supersedes I-57
I-62 Entry of Overlay Thickness for SMP Sites with Construction Number (CN) Change 6-Nov-98 Final No longer required
I-63 Upgrade of IMS Database to Version 2.1 9-Nov-98 Final Supersedes I-61
I-64 Upgrade of IMS Database to Version 2.2 3-Dec-98 Final Supersedes I-63
I-65 Implementation of Modified QC Range Checks to Resistance/ Resistivity Data in IMS SMP Tables 4-Dec-98 Final Work completed
I-66 LTPP Computed Parameters 30-Mar-99 Final Supersedes portions of I-60
I-67 Upgrade of IMS Database to Version 2.3 23-Apr-99 Final Supersedes I-64
I-68 Deletion of Data from the ENV_* Tables 13-May-99 Final Work completed
I-69 Deletion of "EXPERIMENT_SECTION" from the LTPP Database 13-May-99 Final Work completed
I-70 Upgrade of IMS Database to Version 2.4 2-Jul-99 Final Supersedes I-67
I-71 IMS Software Upgrade 2.5 2-Sep-99 Final Supersedes I-70
I-72 Creation of Records in TST_L05A and TST_L05B when Laboratory Data are not Available 27-Sep-99 Final  
I-73 Preparing Distress Surveys for Inclusion in AIMS   Canceled  
I-74 IMS Software Upgrade 2.6 17-Nov-99 Final Supersedes I-71
I-75 Second Deletion of "EXPERIMENT_SECTION" Data from the LTPP IMS 10-May-00 Final Work completed
I-76 Differentiation of SPS 9 Projects and Sections 31-Jul-00 Final Work completed
I-77 Upgrade of IMS to Version 2.7 24-May-00 Final Supersedes I-74
I-78 Upgrade of IMS to Version 2.8 21-Aug-00 Final Superseded by I-81
I-79 Implementation of Revised CN Procedure 16-Oct-00 Final Work completed
I-80 Termination of ISDN Usage 1-Nov-00 Final No longer required
I-81 Upgrade of the IMS to Version 2.9 3-Nov-00 Final Supersedes I-78
I-82 Removal of Selected SPS Experiment Location Tables from the IMS 21-Dec-00 Final Work completed
I-83 Removal of SHRP P07 Data from IMS 21-Dec-00 Final Work completed
I-84 EXPERIMENT_SECTION Change Requests 13-Nov-01 Final Supersedes I-54
I-85 Guidelines for Manual Upgrades to LTPP IMS Quality Control Checks 19-Mar-03 Final  
I-86 Upgrade of the IMS to Version 3.0 7-Jun-01 Final Supersedes I-81
I-87 June 2001 IMS Upload 8-Jun-01 Final Work completed
I-88 Post DataPave 3 Tables Update 20-Jun-01 Final Work completed
I-89 August 2001 IMS Upload 31-Jul-01 Final Work completed
I-90 IMS Data Upload Schedule and Procedures 13-Nov-01 Final Superseded
I-91 Deletion of Data for Rejected Sections from the LTPP Database 6-Nov-01 Final Work completed
I-92 Upgrade of the IMS to Version 3.1 13-Nov-01 Final Supersedes I-86
I-93 Correction to SMP_TDR.DIST_WAV_POINTS Field 13-Nov-01 Final Work completed
I-94 Corrections to RHB_CAUSE_INFO and Date Check on TRAF_MONITOR_BASIC_INFO 13-Nov-01 Final Work completed
I-95 Population of AWS_LINK.SHRP_ID 27-Nov-01 Final Work completed
I-96 Dell Poweredge 4400 Server Setup Instructions and Upgrade of IMS to VR 2002.04 15-Oct-02 Final Supersedes I-92. Work completed.
I-97 Upgrade of IMS to Version 2002.07 15-Oct-02 Final Work completed
I-98 Changes to MON_Category Population 5-Nov-02 Final Work completed
I-99 IMS Data Upload Schedule and Procedures 19-Nov-02 Final Supersedes I-90
I-100 Changes to Test Section Monitoring Category 5-Nov-02 Final Supersedes GO-27. Superseded by GO-38
I-101 Guidelines and Format for IMS Data Change Reports from the Regions   Withdrawn  
I-102 LTPP Data Release Policy 19-Nov-02 Final Supersedes GOD-2, GO-11, GO-12, I-25, I-25-A.1
I-103 Upgrade of IMS to Version 2002.09 15-Oct-02 Final Work has been completed
I-104 Upgrade of IMS to Version 2002.11 5-Mar-03 Final Supersedes I-103
I-105 Deletion of Data for Rejected Sections from the IMS (LTPP Database) 8-Jan-03 Final Work has been completed
I-106 LTPP Database Terminology and Acronyms 8-Jan-03 Final Withdrawn from consideration
I-108 IMS Software Release Version 2003.05 17-Jun-03 Final Supersedes I-104
I-109 IMS Software Release Version 2003.07 4-Nov-03 Final Supersedes I-108
I-110 IMS Software Release Version 2003.09 4-Nov-03 Final Supersedes I-109
I-111 IMS Software Release Version 2003.11 5-Nov-03 Final Supersedes I-110
I-112 Data Upload Schedule and Procedures 25-Mar-04 Final Supersedes I-99
I-113 Removal of Reflection Cracking and Joint Seal Damage from the IMS 18-Mar-04 Final Work completed
I-114 IMS Software Release Version 2004.03 16-Mar-04 Final Supersedes I-111
I-115 IMS Software Release Version 2004.04 4-May-04 Final Supersedes I-114
I-116 IMS Software Release Version 2004.06 23-Jun-04 Final Supersedes I-115
I-117 Population of Measurement Device Field in MON_DIS_JPCC_FAULT 27-Jul-04 Final Work completed.
I-118 Archival and Removal of Obsolete Tables from the Pavement Performance Database 10-Jun-05 Final Work completed
I-119 IMS Software Release Version 2004.08 9-Sep-04 Final Supersedes I-116
I-120 IMS Software Release Version 2004.10 14-Oct-04 Final Supersedes I-119
I-121 IMS Software Release Version 2005.04 1-Apr-05 Final Supersedes I-120
I-122 Data Upload and Release Schedule and Procedures 20-May-05 Final Supersedes I-112
I-123 Pavement Performance Database Software Performance Reports 10-Jun-05 Final  
I-124 Combining Transverse Profile Tables 6-Jun-05 Final Work completed
I-125 IMS Software Release Version 2005.05 2-Jun-05 Final Supersedes I-122
I-126 IMS Software Release Version 2005.07 7-Jul-05 Final Supersedes I-125
I-127 IMS Software Release Version 2006.01 7-Feb-06 Final Supersedes I-126
I-128 Data Upload, Release Schedule and Procedures 31 0ct 06 Final Supersedes I-122
I-129 IMS Software Release Version 2006.05 6-Jun-06 Final Supersedes I-127
I-130 IMS Software Release Version 2006.08 25-Aug-06 Final Supersedes I-129
I-131 IMS Software Release Version 2006.09 16-Oct-06 Final Supersedes I-130
I-132 IMS Software Release Version 2007.02 22-Feb-07 Final Work completed; Supersedes I-131
I-133 Guidelines for Closeout of Pavement Performance Database 25-Jun-07 Final Work completed
I-133-1 Guidelines for Closeout of Pavement Performance Database - Amendment 1 10-Jul-07 Final Replaces Table 1 of I-133
I-133-2 Guidelines for Closeout of Pavement Performance Database - Amendment 2 5-May-08 Final Replaces Table 1 of I-133 and Supersedes Amendment 1 to I-133
I-133-3 Guidelines for Closeout of Pavement Performance Database - Amendment 3 25-Jun-08 Final Replaces Table 1 of I-133 and Supersedes Amendment 2 to I-133
I-133-4 Guidelines for Closeout of Pavement Performance Database - Amendment 4 14-Apr-09 Final Replaces Table 1 of I-133 and Supersedes Amendment 3 to I-133. Work completed.
I-134 Guidelines for Comments in COMMENTS_GENERAL Table 25-Jun-07 Final  
I-135 DAOFR Resolution Process   Withdrawn  
I-136 Editing FWD Data   Withdrawn  
I-137 IMS Software Release Version 2007.06 15-Jun-07 Final Supersedes I-132
I-138 Deletion of Data for Rejected Section 32_B420 from the LTPP Database 19-Feb-08 Final Work completed
I-139 IMS Software Release Version 2008.02 5-May-08 Final Supersedes I-137
I-140 IMS Software Release Version 2008.07 17-Jul-08 Final Supersedes I-139
I-141 IMS Software Release Version 2008.12 5-Dec-08 Final Supersedes I-140
I-142 Deletion of Data for Rejected Section 90_1802 from the LTPP Database 9-Dec-08 Final Work completed
I-143 IMS Software Release Version 2009.04 13-May-09 Final Supersedes I-141
I-144 Deletion of Data for Rejected Sections 13_0501 and 13_0567 from LTPP Databases 19-May-09 Final Work completed
I-145 IMS Software Release Version 2009.07 22-Jul-09 Final Supersedes I-143
I-146 IMS Software Release Version 2010.01 22-Jan-10 Final Supersedes I-145
I-147 Data Upload, Release Schedule and Procedures - 2010-2014 19-Mar-10 Final Supersedes I-128
I-148 IMS Software Release Version 2010.07 27-Jul-10 Final Supersedes I-146
I-149 Data Upload, Schedule and Procedures 13-Jan-11 Final Supersedes I-147
I-150 IMS Software Release Version 2010.12 20-Dec-10 Final Supersedes I-148
I-151 August 2011 National Data Upload, Schedule and Procedures 18-May-2011 Final Supersedes I-149
I-152 Software Performance Reports 10-Aug-2011 Final Supersedes I-123, TDP-40
I-153 Implementation of Web Enabled LTPP Data Entry Portal 30-Sept-2011 Final Supersedes I-150
I-154 IMS Update Post-2011 Upload 15-Nov-2011 Final Supersedes I-150; Work completed
I-155 Software Performance Reports 16-Dec-2011 Final Supersedes I-152
I-156 Data Modifications using SQL Scripts by LTPP Regional Support Contractors 16-Dec-2011 Final  
I-157 Full Implementation of LTPP Data Entry Portal 18-Dec-2011 Final Supersedes I-153
I-158 Submission of Files from LTPP Regional Information Management System Servers 26-Jan-2012 Final Work completed
I-159 2012 Public Data Extraction 1-Mar-2012 Final Supersedes I-151; Work completed
I-160 Removal of Obsolete IMS Tables from PPDB of August 2012 29-Jan-2013 Final Work completed
I-161 2013 Public Data Extraction 7-Feb-2013 Final Supersedes I-159; Work completed
I-162 Update of SECTION_COORDINATES Table 15-Feb-2013 Final Work completed
I-163 Public Data Extraction for January 2015 Data Release 20-Feb-2014 Final Supersedes I-161, GO-58
I-164 LTPP Public Data Extraction Policies and Procedures 18-Mar-2014 Final Superseded by I-167
I-165 LTPP AIMS Public File Extraction Policies and Procedures 30-Mar-2014 Final Superseded by I-169
I-166 AIMS Data Storage Formats 23-Apr-2014 Final Supersedes GO-48, GO-57; Superseded by I-170
I-167 LTPP Public Data Extraction Policies and Procedures 23-Jun-2014 Final Supersedes I-165
I-168 LTPP Processing Completion Date and Public Data Extraction Dates 8-Aug-2014 Final Supersedes I-163
I-169 LTPP AIMS Public File Extraction Policies and Procedures 8-Aug-2014 Final Supersedes I-165
I-170 AIMS Data Storage Format Standards 13-Oct-2014 Final supersedes I-166; partially superseded by I-170, Amendment 1
I-170 Amendment #1 AIMS Data Storage Format Standards 17-Mar-2015 Final supersedes I-170 partially
I-171 AIMS Data Storage Format Standards - SDR30 09-Nov-2015 Final supersedes I-170, and I-170 Amendment #1
I-172 Removal of MERRA-1 climate data from Pavement Performance Database 12-Oct-2017 Final  
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