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Materials (MAT) Directives
Directive Description Date Status Remarks
M-01 Protocol P07 [Revised] 1-Oct-92 Final Superseded
M-02 Protocol P46 [Revised] 1-Oct-92 Final Superseded
M-03 Interim Guide for Laboratory Materials Handling and Testing: Protocol P05,P06,P07 15-Jul-93 Final Superseded by M-23
M-04 Interim Guide for Laboratory Materials Handling and Testing: Table of Contents, App 1-Mar-94 Final Superseded by M-28
M-05 Field Sampling Guidelines for P60 (Determining Expansive Soils) 18-Mar-94 Final No longer applicable
M-06 Guidelines for Sample Receipt and Processing 22-Apr-94 Final No longer applicable
M-07 Protocol P68 [Revised] 8-Feb-95 Final Superseded by M-28
M-08 Data Sheet H101 Protocol H01L and H02L [Revised] 1-Dec-95 Final Superseded by M-28
M-09 Form L03 for SPS-1, H02L, H03L, H04L [Revised] 18-Mar-96 Final Superseded by M-28
M-10 Revision of Protocol P05 6-Jun-96 Final  
M-11 Revision of Protocol P46 8-Aug-96 Final Superseded by M-28
M-12 (1) Resilient Modulus Testing of Asphalt Concrete Cores. (2) Samples for the MRL 29-Oct-96 Final No longer applicable
M-13 Revised Protocol Data Sheet T56 8-Jan-97 Final Superseded by M-28
M-14 Sampling and Testing of AC Overlay Materials from GPS Test Sections 21-Jul-97 Final Superseded by M-28
M-15 Shipment of Materials to the FHWA Laboratory Materials Testing Contractors 18-Sep-97 Final No longer applicable
M-16 Disposition of P46 Samples that Contain Oversize Material 23-Oct-97 Final No longer applicable
M-17 Deletion of Test AE04 11-Dec-97 Final Superseded by M-28
M-18 Sampling and Testing of AC Materials from GPS SMP Test Sections 14-Apr-98 Final No longer applicable
M-19 Termination of P14A Testing 11-Mar-99 Final No longer applicable
M-20 Coring of Overlaid LTPP Test Sections 15-Mar-99 Final  
M-21 Transmittal of Protocol P63 12-Oct-99 Final Superseded by M-28
M-22 Revisions to LTPP Protocol P05 Moisture Susceptibility of Asphaltic Concrete 10-Mar-00 Final Supersedes M-10
M-23 Transmittal of Revised LTPP Protocol P07 28-Sep-01 Final Supersedes M-03
M-24 Naming Convention for Material Samples Combined for Laboratory Testing Purposes 16-Jun-06 Final  
M-25 Transmittal of LTPP Protocol P72 16-Jun-06 Final  
M-26 Forms for Recording Bulk AC Aggregate and Lab Combined AC Samples for SPS Projects 5-Apr-05 Final  
M-27 Materials Operations Problem Report (MOPR) Form 2-Nov-06 Final  
M-28 Long-Term Pavement Performance Project Laboratory Materials Testing and Handling Guide 13-Nov-06 Final Supersedes I-12, M-04, M-07, M-08, M-09, M-11, M-13, M-14, M-17, M-21, M-22, M-23
M-29 Material Sampling and Testing on Overlaid Test Sections 17-Jan-12 Final Supersedes M-20; Superseded by M-31
M-30 Performance of Core Examination of AC Cores by Regional Support Services Contractors 10-May-16 Final  
M-31 Revised Material Testing on Overlaid Test Sections 27-Feb-18 Final Supersedes M-29
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